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Our story is defined by progress

From our modest beginnings in 1982, when our company was established by Mr. Yerucham SEMO & Mrs. Sima SEMO, we have grown to serve the needs of our loyal customers and valued partners and became one of the leading companies in the Israeli market.

We offer diverse technological solutions related to infrastructure, industrial equipment, electrical equipment, switches, sockets and accessories, lighting, LED lighting, home automation, energy saving and renewable energy such as Solar Energy.

Our company provides a solution and wide range of products for application in sectors such as transformers, automotive industry, domestic appliances, electrical motors, and lighting.

We accompany our customers through product specification, initial planning and implementation and realization throughout the project's lifecycle.

We partner with our vendors and customers to create the best solutions based on their need.

With engineers and product specialists on our staff, we are able to provide services such as technical support, training, inventory management, custom assemblies, modified enclosures, lighting design, and so much more.

Our unique solutions for our customer's daily basis problems have been a valued service for 38+ years and we are excited to continue to grow and evolve to service our customers as we expand

Our company is an authorized supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israel's Electric company and the UN for more than 15 years.

SEMO has set a number of basic business operating norms:

We proudly hold the vision of promoting the renewable energy field, creating awareness to and imparting the knowledge of the subject, which is of essential importance to providing a better quality of life to the public.

Our Company is strict in supplying quality solutions and will use quality product elements for marketing in view of the concept that electricity–producing system must establish a reliable, quality and safe solution that will last for tens of years.













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